It’s January and as the cliche goes, many of us will be itching to get back on top of our health and fitness goals.

Not too long ago, the New Year was the time to finally put that gym membership to good use and burn off all the extra kcals consumed over the festive period. While that still rings true for many, a growing trend in high-quality health and fitness apps means more and more people will be opting to cut the gym out completely and get fit where and when it suits them – from the comfort of their devices.

And even if the gym is still a big part of your life, the rising number of apps out there that can complement your workout schedule means it’s easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right apps to do that with. There are literally thousands out there all with the same goal: to help benefit our health, whether that’s physical, mental, or our general well-being.

I’ve therefore compiled a list of what I deem the best health and fitness apps of this year to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s access to new types of cardio, better resistance training routines, or managing stress levels and sleeping problems.

Beachbody on Demand

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Beachbody On Demand provides streaming access to hundreds of uber-premium Beachbody workouts as well as the tools needed to offer you an all-rounded approach to health, helping you to conquer your fitness goals.

The app allows you to choose from hundreds of Beachbody workouts, from programs including 80 Day Obsession, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Core de force, Insanity, P90X, and 3 Week Yoga Retreat. There is even a bunch of customized meal plans so you’ve got your nutrition covered, too, and on top of this, you get access to Beachbody’s own healthy cooking show, Fixate.

The app works across all platforms, including Amazon Fire, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, and Desktop or Laptop.


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Esquared is an easy-to-use fitness-on-demand app. Working a little similar to Uber (it’s based on the same API), the app allows you to find gym sessions and one-off classes in your area, in real-time. Unlike irritating apps like ClassPass what try to catch you out with free trials that tie you in and threaten to charge you if you cancel (Classpass won’t be featuring in this article for this very reason), there are no commitments or subscription fees with Esquared.

The app was founded by Eleni Plakitsi, a former city accountant in London and IFBB & WBFF Figure Pro athlete and winner of the Fame and WBFF Fitness Model Awards. Its main goal is to help people sign up to classes/gym passes around London and encourage more movement rather than the endless excuses; the attraction being that there are no commitments.

I’ve really enjoyed using the app over the past few weeks, and there are some really amazing premium clubs thrown in there. It’s great in that it gives you the flexibility to experience a variety of classes and studios instead of the same gym and a feeling tied down to a membership.


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Think you’re eating healthily but still piling on weight? Well, there’s an app that can help you work out where you’re going wrong. It’s called MyFitnessPal.

The app is a super easy to use Apple Watch ap. Simply pop in the meals you’ve eaten throughout the day and it will work out the calories against your daily target, calculated from your weight goal, and tell you how much you have left. It’s great for giving you a sense of which foods you regularly eat have high-calorie content and what foods don’t, helping you to manage weight in the long run.

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